25 Holiday Gift Ideas Your Horse-Crazy Kids Will Love!

Need gifts for the horse-crazy kids in your life? You can shop this post by clicking on the photos! Whether it be riding gear, barn supplies, entertainment or adorable horse themed clothing, your equestrian is sure to love these awesome presents!

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Riding Gifts For Horse-Crazy Kids

What horse crazy-kids don’t want more ride time? Maybe they can’t get enough from their weekly lesson and go on about horses all week in between lessons. Be it practice rides or extra riding lessons or items to be used while riding, they’ll love it!

Horseback Riding Lessons

Ask your riding instructor or barn manager about gift certificates or lesson packages. Usually, you can save money by paying for multiple lessons up front. Want to find a horseback riding lessons for your child? Check out this guide to finding the right instructor and download the free list of questions to ask!

Looking for lessons in Massachusetts or Rhode Island? Check out Rhapsody Hill Farm in Central, MA , Sunflower Meadows Equestrian in South Eastern, MA or Stepping Stone Ranch in West Greenwich, RI!

Practice Rides

If your child is craving more horse time but you’re not quite ready to commit to leasing or purchasing a horse, check with your barn to see if they offer practice rides. This is a good way to test the waters before leasing a horse and is usually scheduled at times when your child can be supervised for safety but not instructed. Practice rides are a wonderful opportunity for kids to practice what they’ve learned.

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Riding Clothes & Gear For Horse-Crazy Kids

Riding equipment and clothing comes in lots of fun colors and designs for and makes great gifts for horse-crazy kids. Find some great great accessories in their favorite colors!

New Riding Pants In Bright Colors

I recently bought this pair of Horze Kids Madison Silicone Full Seat Tights in Bougainvillaea Pink for my daughter, and she absolutely loves riding in them! They are a beautiful pink color, they fit almost perfectly and she said they were very comfortable for her to ride in! She also loves the silicone to help her as she learns sitting trot!

A Warm Riding Jacket For Cold Weather

As the weather cools down (depending on where you live) make sure your little one is prepared! If your kids are anything like mine, the cold weather will not stop or slow the horse obsession! And the riding shall continue!

Fun Boot Socks

Boot socks are a necessity for most riders so they make a practical gift, why not have some fun and pick out a fun pattern too?

Riding Gloves

If your horse lover rides a stubborn lesson pony, chances are they’ve had the reins pulled out of their hands on occasion. And, this time of year when the weather gets cold, your equestrian won’t want to give up riding. Protect your little rider’s hands with a pair of colorful gloves!

Fun Saddle Pad

Saddle pads....need I say more? Equestrians of all ages take great pride in their saddle pad collection. If your horse-crazy kid doesn't own one yet, this is the perfect gift!

Helmet Cover With Cool Design

Why not make safety a little more fun? Helmets are a necessity for riding, dress them up with a cute cover.

Sparkly Riding Crop

I don't know about your kids, but my daughter loves sparkles! She loves pink too and this crop comes in multiple sparkly colors!

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Barn Supply Gifts For Horse-Crazy Kids

There's so much more to horse loving than just riding. Here's a list of handy gifts for the horse-crazy kid and their favorite horse!

Horse Treats

And for good measure, some awesome horse treats for the sainted ponies that carry our children around faithfully week to week! Kids love being able to feed their horse a treat when they visit the barn, just make sure you check with the barn owner before feeding them! Some horses are on special diets or can become a bit nippy so your barn may have rules about how treats can be fed.


Most equestrians love spending time brushing their precious horses as much as riding. As a kid, I was always trying to make my horse as shiny as possible and of course having fun braiding his mane! And, just like many other horse products these days, you can find brushes in a variety of colors!

Tack Shop Gift Certificate

No matter what age your horse lover is, walking into the tack shop and inhaling the wonderful smell of leather, horse treats, fly spray and leather cleaner is the best. Any level of rider will enjoy a gift certificate to their favorite tack shop! For example, your local shop if you want to support small businesses, SmartPak, Dover Saddlery, Horze Products at Equinavia.com and Amazon!

Equinavia - Everything for Horse & Rider

Twinkle And Twinkle Toes

Remember the sparkly riding crop? Well, here's some pony glitter to go along with it! If your equestrian does not own their own pony, you may want to ask their riding instructor for permission before using glitter in the horse's mane and tail.

Mane Tamer Hood

If your equestrian enjoys horse showing, cute mane tamer hoods are a great idea to protect bands or braids overnight or in the horse trailer! There's nothing worse than seeing the beautiful braids or bands you worked so hard to achieve get rubbed out overnight by an itchy horse!

Bucket Of Bath Supplies

Another great idea is to fill a water bucket in your equestrian's favorite color with bath supplies! Include a sponge and sweat scraper in their favorite color, along with some shampoo, conditioner and whitening shampoo if their pony has socks or spots!

At Home Gifts For Horse-Crazy Kids

Gifts for the horse-crazy kid that they'll enjoy when they can't be in the barn but still have horses on the brain. My daughter loves any horse movie or book she can get her hands on, especially Bramble and Maggie!


This collection of books are a combination of mine and my daughter's favorites! Books make great gifts since they can be enjoyed for many years! Plus there's the added bonus of encouraging your child to read!


This list of movies is another set of favorites in our house and I'm sure your horse lover will love them too!

Magazine Subscription

As a kid and a teen I can remember reading all three of these magazines and admiring how beautiful the horses in the photos were. I read training articles over and over to try and improve my riding and soak up as much information as possible. If your horse-crazy kid is serious about learning about horse care, riding and training, this is a great option!

Practical Horsemen

Horse Illustrated

Horse & Rider


Many of these toys have been a huge hit in our house. Anything related to the Netflix series, Spirit Riding Free is always a win.

Horses & Barn Sets

My kids love to play with toy horses, build pastures and arena and load them up in the horse trailer to zoom around on the carpet. Sometimes, I even get in on the fun! And now we've even mixed in my old Breyer horses with their horses too!

Plush Toys

What kid doesn't love a cozy stuffed animal? In our house we have too many already and for some reason the kids still can't get enough!

Model Horse - Paint

This is a great idea if like me, your child has the art bug along with being a horse lover! My daughter loves to paint horses and unicorns and give them each their own unique colors, name and personality!

Accessories & Clothing

And lastly, if your horse-crazy kid has horses on the brain 24/7, you can outfit them in horse themed clothing and accessories for when they can't be at the barn.




I hope this list of gifts for horse-crazy kids you're shopping for has been helpful, if you liked this list please leave a comment and share on Social Media!

For more ideas, click the photo below to see lists I've saved on my Pinterest Board, Equestrian Gift Ideas.

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Happy Holidays!

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