The Ultimate Horse Show Packing List For All Equestrians

Heading to a horseshow can be stressful, but staying organized and packing in advance can help ease your nerves and make your experience more fun. This horse show packing list is a compilation of suggestions from a broad variety of equestrians including my friends, other amateur riders, professional trainers and my own personal favorites.

Use this guide to help you avoid forgetting any essentials and make horse showing less stressful this season!

And, don’t forget your horse!

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Tack & Equipment

This category covers everything from work tack, show tack, tack room organization and general equipment you’ll need while at the show.


  • work saddle
  • show saddle
  • work bridle(s)
  • show bridle(s)
  • selection of bits
  • work saddle pads
  • show saddle pads
  • work girth
  • show girth
  • extra cinch and cinch strap for western saddles
  • polo wraps, splint boots, bushing boots or any other type of leg protection your horse uses
  • martingale
  • spare halter
  • lunge line with a chain
  • lunge whip
  • crop
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Tack Cleaning

  • saddle soap
  • leather conditioner
  • silver polish
  • toothbrush
  • cloths
  • tack sponge
  • toothpaste for cleaning bits

Tack Room and Barn Organization

  • saddle racks
  • bridle racks
  • helmet/hat rack
  • clothing rack
  • tarp
  • shelves
  • stall curtains
  • folding tables
  • chairs

Horse Stall Supplies

  • hose
  • water buckets
  • snaps
  • water bucket hangers
  • feed dish
  • hay net
  • stall tie
  • fans
  • extension cords
  • halter hooks
  • stall bag
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Horse Care & Grooming

Literally, every grooming tool and product you may need for your horse while at the show. Keeping your horse clean for the show is almost as important as showing itself! Having a complete grooming set and clothing for your horse is an essential part of your horse show packing list!


  • hood
  • sheet
  • leg wraps
  • tail bag
  • blanket
  • extra sheet and blanket in case one becomes soiled


  • hoof polish
  • Show Sheen
  • Grand Champion Pepi spray
  • Quicbraid
  • scissors
  • ring bag
  • crossties
  • zip ties
  • cordless clippers
  • braiding kit
  • spray bottles
  • fake tail
  • electrical tape
  • tail brush
  • brushes
  • hoof pick
  • ring bag
  • grooming cart
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  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • sweat scraper
  • bluing shampoo
  • sponge
  • scrubber sponge or mit
  • hose
  • nozzle

First Aid

  • banamine
  • bute
  • wound care
  • supplies
  • betadine
  • wound ointment
  • vet wrap
  • electrolytes
  • towels

Feed & Supplements

  • grain
  • hay
  • supplements
  • bran mash or hay stretcher
  • water from home
  • perfect prep
  • ulcer guard
  • treats

Riders, Trainers & Grooms

This section of the horse show packing list covers all the human essentials. Remember, keeping your rider and trainer happy and comfortable is almost as important as keeping your horse happy at the show!


  • chairs
  • cooler with cold drinks
  • snacks
  • electrolytes
  • water
  • aspirin
  • ibuprofen
  • phone chargers
  • money
  • toilet paper
  • cold medicine
  • tums
  • 2 step stools
  • hole punch
  • sewing kit
  • changes of clothes for kids

Hair Supplies

  • bobby pins
  • hair nets
  • hair spray
  • bun maker
  • elastics
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  • show clothing
  • makeup
  • black duct tape
  • lint roller
  • safety pins
  • baby wipes


  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • hammer
  • zip ties
  • duct tape

I hope you found this list helpful, as always, if you have any other tips or suggestions please leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear which items you can’t leave home without!

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