Top 5 Best Shedding Tools For Horses

As the days grow longer and the weather gets warmer shedding season is finally upon us. Finding the best method to remove your horses winter coat can be a challenge. There are many products on the market that claim to help horses shed and leave them with shiny, healthy coats. In this article we’ll review 5 of the best options for shedding out your horse this season.

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StripHair Gentle Groomer For Horses

One of my favorite grooming tools for shedding season is the StripHair Gentle Groomer. I even wrote a whole review dedicated to this product after testing it out for a few months last spring.

The StripHair Gentle Groomer can be used in multiple ways. On one side it has large diamonds that if used like a curry comb help to loosen hair and dirt. On the other side it has smaller diamonds that are great for using on the head and legs without hurting your horse. And, on the side there is a long strip that can be used similarly to a traditional shedding blade in the direction the horse’s coat grows to remove hair.

This product worked well even on my most sensitive horse, Beau. Beau is sensitive around his back, withers and girth area and doesn’t always like to be curried. With the StripHair Gentle Groomer he was not reactive at all which assured me he was comfortable.

Reasons I Love The StripHair Gentle GroomerThings I Don’t Love
Made in the USAIt can be slightly awkward to hold for small hands
Flexible materialCompared to other grooming tools it is expensive
Gentle enough to use on the head and legs
Three ways to use it
It removes hair effectively
Unlike other tools, it doesn’t remove unnecessary hair
Easy to wash off


In my search for an effective de-shedding tool I also tried out the SleekEZ. I found it is very effective at removing hair. It pulls out quite a bit of hair, more than the traditional shedding blade, curry comb or any other grooming tool I’ve tried.

I really like the SleekEZ for most jobs but you cannot use it on your horse’s head and legs, and if you have a thin skinned or sensitive horse you’ll need to be gentle.

Reasons I Love The SleekEZThings I Don’t Love
Very effective at removing hairNo flexibility for hard to reach areas
Made in the USACannot use on head and legs
Durable, steel blade and wood handle
Reasonable price

Slick N Easy

One of the most common and super handy grooming tools I’ve kept in my tack box for many years is the Slick N Easy. I have used this tool all year round even when shedding season is over to help remove any additional dander and debris from my horses’ coats.

The Slick N Easy is made of fiberglass and the block is easy to hold. They only last for about 10 to 12 sessions so while they are affordable, they need to be replaced frequently. When it’s not shedding season, I don’t use mine during every grooming. Meaning, I probably only use a couple of them in a year.

Reasons I Love The Slick N EasyThings I Don’t Love
Easy to holdNeeds to be replaced frequently
Effective all year round
Can be used even if broken
Leaves horse shiny

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Traditional Shedding Blade

The next shedding tool that I’ve had great luck with over the years is a traditional shedding blade. The teeth are somewhat dull but they still pull out a lot of hair. Similar to the SleekEZ the blade is metal so it cannot be used on the head and legs. However, the traditional shedding blade has a bit more flexibility. And, you can use it in two ways. You can either keep the ends joined using the keeper on the plastic handle or you can pull it apart and cover more surface area.

Reasons I Love A Shedding BladeThings I Don’t Love
Effective at removing hairMetal blade cannot be used on head and legs
Flexible blade
Multiple ways to use

Traditional Curry Comb

No matter the season, it is important to curry comb your horse regularly. In fact, I wrote a whole article about how to curry comb your horse the right way.

During shedding season a traditional curry comb does a great job of lifting loose hair to the surface along with dirt and dander. A traditional curry comb used in combination with another shedding tool is my favorite method for shedding out my horses.

I like to thoroughly curry my horse in a circular motion with a rubber curry comb. Then, use a shedding blade or other shedding tool afterwards in the direction the hair grows. Over the years, I’ve found this removes the most hair and helps my horse’s coat stay healthy.

Curry combs come in various forms and some are even soft enough to use on your horse’s head and legs.

Reasons I Love The Curry CombThings I Don’t Love
Lifts dirt and hair to the surfaceNot 100% effective on it’s own during shedding season
Good for the horse’s skin and hair
Many varieties available

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