Equestrian Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Need the perfect gift for that special someone on Valentine’s Day and they happen to be a horse lover? Check out these Equestrian Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that any rider or horse lover will love!

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Equestrian Travel Mug

I don’t know many horse lovers or people in general who can function without coffee. Especially on early morning horsey adventures or long horseshow drives! Check out this awesome travel mug from Brown Acre Designs! Keeping your equestrian caffeinated to help battle early mornings and long days is always a good idea!

And, if coffee isn’t their thing, Brown Acre Designs has lots of other cute and customized products!

Leather Bracelet Customizable Bracelet

These bracelets have been a hit for as long as I can remember! You can choose your equestrian’s favorite horse’s name or horsey saying too! This bracelet from Big Dee is affordable and a popular favorite!

Cute Horse Themed Apparel

Chances are, your horse loving Valentine has horses on the brain whether they’re in the barn or not! Cute and funny horse themed T’s, hoodies and hats are always a winner!

Horse Strip Hair Gentle Groomer

With spring right around the corner, that means shedding season! Shedding season is both a blessing and a curse for most equestrians. While we all look forward to nice, shiny, polished coats, getting there is a process. Between the mud, long hair and sweat, getting our horses clean can be quite a challenge. Why not arm your horse lover with a StripHair groomer to help them tackle the job? This one is at the top of my list, and it’s even made in the USA!

Kelly Herd Jewelry

Of course, you can’t go wrong with jewelry for Valentine’s Day, even for farm girls! Kelly Herd has some beautiful pieces and both English and Western themed too!

New Boots

If your horse loving partner, mom or daughter is a western rider, they can always use a new pair of boots! I’ve owned and worn through many pairs of Justin’s and Ariats. The Justin’s always look beautiful but I’ve found the Ariats to be more comfortable for wearing for long periods of time. Either is a great option, but I highly recommend going with a square toe boot!

Warm Riding Breeches

No matter the weather, your equestrian will still want to ride! Staying warm is crucial to enjoying the barn in the winter. You really can’t go wrong with a nice warm pair of full seat breeches!

I hope you've found these Valentine's Day equestrian gift ideas helpful! We'd love to hear what equestrian gifts you've received and loved as well, so leave a comment!

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