9 Inspirational Equestrian YouTube Channels You Should Watch!

As a young kid and even teen I struggled to find equestrian events to watch on tv. Other than racing and the occasional show jumping competition or the Olympics, I could rarely find good horse related content. The only other alternative was to buy training videos from professionals I admired, of which I have many. Luckily, in today’s world of technology we have YouTube. You can find all types of horse related content from training tips, riding tips, horse care information, tutorials, vlogs, horse related comedy and more.

This article includes 15 popular horsey YouTube channels that I personally enjoy. There are lots more channels out there including breed and show association channels and other vloggers. This list includes a mixture of professional trainers and amateur equestrians.

1. Matt Mills Reining

Matt’s channel has to be one of my absolute favorites. The horses are absolutely beautiful and so athletic, they will leave anyone feeling inspired. Matt is full of wisdom and some of his videos include tips to help other riders and a mix of vlogs.

His accomplishments include a win at the 2006 USEF Open Reining Championship. He was also a member of Team USA at the World Equestrian Games in Germany where they brought home the Gold Medal.

Many of Matt’s tips translate to any horse regardless of their discipline and he delivers them in an unassuming and helpful way. And, if you can’t get enough, Matt offers a paid monthly subscription to exclusive training content on his website.

I subscribed for a couple of months to see what it was all about and picked up many helpful tips that have helped get my horses tuned in. There are loads of helpful videos and I highly recommend checking it out at mattmillsreining.com even if you don’t ride reining horses.

You can check out Matt’s content and follow him on social here:

2. Elphick Event Ponies

Megan Elphick is an amateur event rider in the UK who rides primarily ponies and she is super fun to watch. She shares updates on her riding pones as well as homebred prospects and her Mom regularly makes appearances on her channel as well.

I love watching Meg and her ponies Dee, Jam, Bear, Dora and other members of her herd and following along with their progress. Meg shares Eventing Vlogs, Riding Dares, Horse Challenges and Vlogs at the farm.

Recently Meg did a series of videos where she rode with Lucinda Fredericks for a weekend and took lessons on her own horses as well as Lucinda’s. I learned a ton from this series and highly recommend you check it out! Meg’s channel is full of entertainment!

You can check out Meg’s content and follow her on social here:

3. Fallon Taylor

Fallon Taylor is a world champion barrel racer and entrepreneur who competes, breeds and raises horses and owns an online retail store, Ranch Dress’n and even has her own podcast!

Fallon is a down to earth and inspirational athlete. On her channel Fallon shares tips for beginner barrel racers, tips on running a successful business, rodeo vlogs and farm vlogs. She also shares the pedigrees of the horses she’s owned, raised and competed.

I like watching her rodeo vlogs best and hearing how Fallon describes each run. Her love for her horses is evident in her videos and she’s lots of fun to watch.

You can check out Fallon’s content and follow her on social here:

4. Sam VanFleet

Sam is just plain amazing. She’s most well known for her participation in mustang challenges and her channel features updates and progress with each mustang she works with. She is on the road a lot teaching clinics around the country. Her horse Lynx travels with her along with her current mustang.

You’ll also find video tutorials on starting liberty work with horses, barn vlogs and updates on horses Sam trains when she’s not on the road. Sam also competes in Eventing with her horse Lynx and I love watching their progress as they start to move up the levels.

You can check out Sam’s content and follow her on social here:

5. This Esme

Esme Higgs is an amateur rider based in the UK who shares her life with ponies Mickey and Casper and her horse Joey who she bought during the Covid-19 Pandemic. She also has donkeys and has recently rescued a new pony Duke. She’s currently teaching her horse Joey to jump and my favorite videos are watching her jumping lessons on Joey.

Esme shares barn vlogs, interviews and lessons with professional equestrians such as Jay Halim, Trevor Breen, Felicity Collins, William Fox-Pitt and more! She also shares day in the life type videos, barn tours of some amazing equestrian facilities and her personal journey with her new horse Joey. Her channel is full of fun and entertaining videos!

You can check out Esme’s content and follow her on social here:

6. Olivia Towers

Olivia is a Grand Prix dressage rider in the UK who shares tutorials, training and barn vlogs, horse show vlogs, and mental health and fitness tips for equestrians. She’s an amazing rider and is very up front about how difficult it is to be in the horse industry and the pressure athletes feel.

Her vlogs feature her mom along with her horses Wilfred, affectionately a.k.a Sausage, Eagle, Joey, Zack and others. Watching Olivia ride is truly inspirational. She’s also a talented coach and her tutorials are easy to understand.

You can check out Olivia’s content and follow her on social here:

7. Ellie Fredericks

Ellie’s channel is relatively new compared to some of the more popular equestrian influencers on YouTube. However, she is totally worth watching! Ellie is a very talented event rider based in the UK, and the daughter of the well-known Olympic eventer Lucinda Fredericks. At only 18 years old Ellie is an extremely accomplished equestrian.

On her channel you can follow along with her horses Trendy, Marley, Shrimpy, and others. Just watching Ellie ride is inspirational!

You can check out Ellie’s content here:

8. Gypsy Equestrian

Marina is a novice equestrian who posts lots of equestrian comedy videos, and they’re hilarious! Her comedy is funny because is true! In her videos Marina pokes fun of every day equestrians, and does a great impressions of horse people and their spouses and family members.

Some of her skits include equestrians buying horses, riders at horse camp, horse crazy kids in school, equestrian influencers and more. And, not all of her videos are comedy skits, she has videos about her own horses too.

You can check out Marina’s content here:

9. Hackett Equine

Last but certainly not least is Hackett Equine. On this channel Miri, a professional trainer who does jumping and dressage, shares riding and training tutorials, vlogs and reviews. Watching her journey with her own horses as well as her fiancé’s horse and some of her clients’ horses where she works through problems and sees progress is inspiring.

Miri is very down to earth and shares the reality of working with horses. She also has some great advice and I love watching her show vlogs!

If you want more training videos and tutorials you should also check out Miri’s website where she has a whole section dedicated to online training.

Hackett Equine

You can check out Miri’s content and follow her on social here:

I hope you found this article enjoyable, entertaining and helpful! If you did, please share it!

And, stay tuned for round 2 where I share even more Equestrian YouTube channels to check out.

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